About me

I love writing code, create something that will work for me. I have a M.S. in software engineering and I currently work in the telecom industry.

I like machine learning, especially the feeling when I finally succeed to understand a complex algorithm.

During my spare time I mainly work on owligame and learn about machine learning (and blog here), I also bug hunt, write about bug bounties or write some code. From time to time I answer on Quora.

I am also a member of Lyon Data Science, an association based in Lyon, FR that promotes machine learning by organizing at least one lecture a month.

My twitter is theflofly but my real name is Florian Courtial.

About this blog

Machine learning is like magic. You create a piece of code that will predict the future. It brings answers in lots of situations and using machine learning can add value to everything.

Here I will only talk about machine learning, about how some things work but also about some projects of my own using machine learning. I have a lot to learn so your comments are more than welcome.

For now I am particularly interested in computer vision and reinforcement learning.